Job Seeker Secrets


Rachel Esterline Perkins and Morgan MacDermaid share their job seeker secrets — from determining your values to ensure you take the right role to finding opportunities within your network and online. 

A few tips from the episode include: 

  • Don’t get your self-actualization from your career.
  • Take some time to think about what you want in your career, what type of companies you want to work for, and what you value most. 
  • Start your job search with your network. Talk to your professors, your friends, and your colleagues because some jobs are never listed. 
  • Indeed and LinkedIn can be great for getting a sense for what’s out there, but it’s often best to apply directly through the company’s website. 
  • Follow your gut. If a role doesn’t feel like a fit, it’s OK to respectfully turn down the offer. 
  • If you are waiting on a competing offer, it’s OK to ask for a few days. But, tread carefully because you don’t want to lose the original offer if the other offer doesn’t work out. 

Listen on to get more insights on finding the right job for you. 

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