Welcome to the first episode of Season 3 of the Venturesome Podcast. In this first episode, we’re talking about side gigs with Leah Keggi. 

Leah Keggi is a VP of marketing by day and a talented surface pattern designer in her free time. In this episode, Leah and I discussed how she balances a demanding career within the wine and spirits space with her side gig, Coast L Studio. We also chatted about the downfalls of “hustle culture,” the boundaries and systems she has in place to manage both commitments, and her advice on why you should just get started if you’re thinking about starting a passion project. 

In addition to throw pillows and tapestries, people can purchase her patterns on fabric, wallpaper and more to create their own coastal vibes in their home. Be sure to check her out on Instagram at @CoastLStudio